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Choose from any of our 7 batting cages!  The Office features six Iron Mike Baseball machines and one empty cage that can be used for bullpens or field work.

Receive UNLIMITED access to our batting cages for the entire month! Hit all day, every day!

Also available is a WEEKENDS ONLY membership for only $75 per month.

*$50 Administrative Fee due at sign-up.

Receive UNLIMITED access to our batting cages for the entire month and access to any of our Velocity Sports Performance classes for the month.

*$50 Administrative Fee due at sign-up.

  • Classes meet once per week and are 1 hour long with a maximum of 8 students per class
  • Class focuses on:
    • Individual stance and setup
    • Proper grip & hands position
    • Load – Trigger – Stride – Bat Path
    • Correct position at contact
    • Extension and finish
    • Quick & more direct bat speed
    • Mental approach to hitting
    • Situational hitting

Gregg teaches the “Big League” swing.  He keeps it simple and makes sure every player is improving on a week to week basis.  Gregg uses the small group setting to challenge each player as well as gain their understanding of hitting through the additional instruction of another player.  Video analysis of each player will be provided and used as instant feedback.


*Ages 7-11*

During this important time in a child’s life, youth athletes are in their “skill hungry” years. The body is primed for new information and ready to ingrain new movement patterns. The Youth Speed and Agility program is conducted in 60 minute sessions and designed to introduce and create foundations of overall athletics in a fun, positive and high success environment. Our Youth curriculum places a high priority on running technique, athletic coordination, balance and relative strength, and the introduction of essential muscular movement patterns. These are vital in establishing a child’s athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention and long-term enjoyment of sports participation.

*$50 Administrative Fee due at sign-up.

*Ages 11-18*

The Competitive Speed & Power program consists of 90 minute sessions that athletes attend 2-5 times a week. The more often the athlete participates in a program, the better results achieved. The Competitive Performance program is designed to progressively increase an athlete’s total athletic performance through increasing: speed and change of direction, strength and power, coordination and balance. Each program has three major components. They are called Active Dynamic Warm-Up, Movement and Strength & Power. Each component rotates the student through cycles to help the athlete achieve their fullest potential. During the Competitive program the athletes the athletes learn basic knowledge of power and lifting exercises. The Competitive Speed and Power program is for athletes 12 and up. Placement of any athlete depends on the maturity level of the athlete and the make-up of available training groups.

*$50 Administrative Fee due at sign-up.

All of our coaches offer private training, please contact The Office for more information.

All of our coaches offer private training in groups, please contact The Office for more information.


Have access to our cardio center and Olympic weight room for only $29 per month!